Xfce Minimal Installation on Squeeze

This is my second note on installing minimal Xfce desktop on Debian. This time, I use the new Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 "Squeeze". As usual, you have to download Debian netinst CD (190 MB) to build this system from ground up. Internet connection is needed during the installation process.

1. Download and burn Debian netinst CD

2. Install Debian "standard system"

3. Install basic Xfce desktop

# apt-get install --no-install-recommends \
xorg xfce4 alsa-base alsa-utils cpufrequtils gamin xdg-utils \
desktop-base gnome-icon-theme dmz-cursor-theme

4. Install additional Xfce application

# apt-get install --no-install-recommends \
xfce4-terminal xfce4-power-manager xfce4-screenshooter \
thunar-archive-plugin thunar-media-tags-plugin \
xfburn htop squeeze bzip2 zip unzip unrar-free

7. Install basic desktop application

# apt-get install --no-install-recommends \
synaptic iceweasel transmission-gtk xchat \
mplayer-gui gpicview gimp dia \
geany epdfview chmsee galculator \
openoffice.org-writer openoffice.org-math openoffice.org-calc \
openoffice.org-impress openoffice.org-gtk ttf-liberation

8. Post installation

Run these commands to enable (1) autostarting Xfce right after you log in and (2) shutdown as normal user. I use my username: auriza in this example, change it to yours.

# cat > /home/auriza/.bash_login
if [ "$(tty)" = "/dev/tty1" ] ; then

# addgroup auriza powerdev

That's it! Disk-space-used is around 1.5 GB. Have fun with 0x0fce.

06.05.2011. 11:46 EDT

default user on 02.06.2011. 15:00 EDT

Very nice writeup. Thanks

modjo on 27.06.2011. 05:24 EDT

Thank you for your e-Notes. Could you please tell us
how many space this setup take on the hard drive?

Auriza Akbar on 29.06.2011. 00:04 EDT

I forgot it, on Debian 5.0 it takes around 1.2 GB of harddisk space.

Sanga on 29.09.2011. 15:47 EDT

Everything installed on fine, but what i need to do if i want to connect to samba file server with file manager?

Auriza Akbar on 01.10.2011. 02:17 EDT

I never tried that before, maybe you can install 'gigolo' to access SMB file server.

Leon on 14.11.2011. 01:51 EST

Auriza, thanks for your manual, it helped. I've moved from Ubuntu to Debian... and now I am on xfce4. you have a nice blog, bookmarked it.

Mike on 01.05.2012. 21:29 EDT

Great notes. I used this as a template for installing a minimal GUI on a cheap virtual server (256MB RAM, 26GB Disk Space). I left out the multimedia/office apps and since I don't reboot it much I went with Slim as the login manager. Cpufrequtils & Xfce4-power-manager aren't needed either.

ale on 15.01.2013. 08:40 EST

thanks for this, it just works!

Anon on 23.10.2013. 06:37 EDT

Why bother doing this manually if you're just going to install all that extra software you probably don't need?

Lombriz on 18.11.2013. 00:30 EST

Minimal ui would be debian net-inst with only fluxbox.
takes about 3.5mb.

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